Message from the Principal

April 2018

Principal’s Message

First of all, I would like to thank our coaches for their tremendous contribution to DHS athletics throughout the year.  We’ve been fortunate to offer volleyball and basketball programs to interested students from grades 9 through 12   There is no way  we could offer these extracurricular opportunities if parents, teachers, alumni, and community volunteers did not give up their time to run these programs.  The coaches have been very dedicated and purposeful in their coaching and I know our students appreciated their efforts.  Now that basketball is over, there are a number of students playing badminton after school and those interested in track & field will have a short, intense season coming up.

The next thing I would like to share with parents is our “revamped” May Monarch fundraiser.  Every student has the ability to take part in May Monarch as an opportunity to raise money for themselves as well as directing some proceeds towards general student activities.  60% of the funds raised by each student is directed back to the students account with the intent of saving it for their grad year to offset the cost of Graduation.  Students do have the option  to use their funds for such things as field trips, band trips, extracurricular programs, grad clothing, etc. if they choose not to save it for graduation activities.  The remaining 40% of earnings will be used for student activities that include such things as a BBQ for workers, funding for student spirit activities throughout the year, a scholarship fund, a contribution to Grade 9 Camp, and savings for “capital items” that the students decide will enhance the school environment.  Some of the capital purchases made by past May Monarch funds include the outside benches, microwaves, and water coolers.  Very soon, students will see another May Monarch project as the foyer gets a furniture makeover with soft benches and new tables.     The kick- off for May Monarch will start April 24th with the selection of Grade  Representatives and time to arrange for work contracts.

Have a great Easter Weekend and Spring Break. 

Garth Dagg