DHS Grad 2020 Awards Ceremony

DHS Scholarship and Awards Ceremony Program


Message from Gordon Kerr, Board Trustee to the DHS Graduating Class of 2020

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and Chinooks Edge School Division I want to pass on congratulations to the Didsbury High School Graduating Class of 2020. The fact that we cannot all be sitting in the same room and celebrating together does not in any way at all take away from your accomplishments and your success. Neither should it in anyway cloud your dreams and goals. You have faced adversity and you can handle all that is ahead. While 2020 sees you graduating under extenuating circumstances we are celebrating with you not because of your success this year but because of your hard work, diligence and commitment over past 12 plus years. Congratulations, Good Luck in your future endeavors, now go make a difference in this world...

Gord Kerr Trustee
Didsbury Chinook's Edge School Division No. 73  



 DHS Grad 2020 Update

 As mentioned earlier, we do want to have a Graduation Ceremony and would like to share our plans.  I am including a number of things with this letter as you might expect. I want to start with the reminder that this is done with the information we have to date; all plans are subject to change with the addition or removal of restrictions from AHS. 

 Cap & Gown

  • Our Cap & Gown will be scheduled for Saturday, August 29th at 2:30 pm.  We are planning for a “Drive-In” grad that will take place in the Zion Church Parking lot.  
  • Each grad and their immediate family will be given one designated parking spot in a drive-in type arrangement.  Just as in our traditional ceremony, this will be done alphabetically.
  • We expect there will be room in the parking lot that would allow each guest to invite one (maybe even 2) guest vehicles with other family or friends.  
  • The ceremony will be broadcast over an FM radio station as well as with outside speakers.
  • The Ceremony will include:
    • Greetings from the CESD Central Office and School Board.
    • Principal’s Address
    • Valedictorian’s Message
    • Presentation of Certificates
    • Parade around town
  • Presentation of Certificates:  When it is time, the student will be called to walk across the stage for a brief introduction.  We will have a process to follow which will meet the social distance guidelines.  
  • After the presentation of certificates, we will have some type of way for all of the class to be recognized at the conclusion of the ceremony.
  • Following the ceremony, the grads will drive out in alphabetical order and will follow a police escort through a parade route.  The route will finish up outside of the school where grads will drop off their gowns (but keep their hats as a keepsake).    Note:  Grads will be able to pick up their gowns and caps on Thursday August 27 and Friday August 28 so pictures can be taken prior to the ceremony.
  • Our Plan B, if things should get worse and AHS does not allow any gatherings would be to keep August 29th as our date, but the ceremony would be done virtually. 

 Scholarships and Awards

  • DHS will recognize students for top marks, awards and scholarships in June 2020.
  • At this time, the plan is to share this with students virtually.  We do not have a specific date for this yet.


  • This event is being planned for through the parent Grad Committee and could include a meal and social during the Christmas Break.  The Committee Chair, Lana Kreiser has sent out an email regarding this event.  If you have not received any email from her, please let the school know so we can be sure to get you set up for future communication.

 Town of Didsbury Involvement

  • Karie Dick has been working with the town to find a way to honour our grads this summer.  The town has committed to covering $500 towards the purchase of banners that can be hung on the town street lights to recognize each grad.  When the banners are taken down, they would be given to the grad as another keepsake.   As you might expect, the cost of these banners are not completely covered by this generous donation so we do have a question for parents:  Are you willing to have approximately $60 of your grad Celebration deposit used to pay for your son or daughter’s banner?  

Note: this was money that was originally designated for the rental of the arena and decorating.  We will send out a specific email to ask this question and would like a reply asap.  If you have a general question about this, please contact the school. 

 General Notes:

  • We will be sending you further emails as details are finalized so please notify us if we need to change or add recipients to our email list.
  • We will need parent help with preparing and setting up the parking lot for this ceremony.  Again, we will send out emails for requests as we progress.
  • We will need the height of each grad (in feet and inches) to order the proper size gowns.  There will be a separate email sent out to collect this information.






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