Message from the Principal

March 2021

What a February!  I’ve been in the school division for 30 years and this is the first time we’ve had four “Red Days” in a row.  It sounds like the division will be visiting their policies and procedures for this situation in the future.  For our part, we did our best to keep some work going in the core courses using google classroom and google meet.   I realize not everyone has the ability to use the internet and computers during the day, so students that could not take part in learning during that time will be able to catch up once they return.  

March is a good month to plough through lots of school material after having a  break in February.     Although it is a good time to get through content, I do find it is a long haul for students.  It does look like we have a series of a 5 day school week followed by a 4 day school week, so I hope the routines allow students and teachers to get into a good rhythm.   As for the two Fridays in March that students don’t need to attend school, it is a good idea to use this time as a catch up day.  If some of that day can be set aside to complete work on projects, essays, summarizing notes from a unit, etc. it can make the rest of the month less stressful.  Doing that work on a Friday gives the student a nice two day weekend without homework to worry about. 

We still don’t have lots on our calendar for public events but are looking forward to the time when we can.  We will send out an email on March 18th as a reminder to check out PowerSchool to see how your son or daughter are doing after 6 weeks of school in semester 2.  We will follow up with phone-call Parent -Teacher interviews on March 25th.  


Garth Dagg