Message from the Principal

February 2019

Principal’s Message

Halfway through a school year already!  Semester 2 begins, and with it, students get a fresh start in many of their courses.  As teachers, we find semester 2 classes seem to have more of a time crunch built into them than in semester 1.   Some students will miss regular classes when they travel with the band to Moose Jaw or Whistler; grade 9’s will miss days for Grade 9 Camp,  and some of the scheduled breaks in February and April seem to create a disruption to the classes that require an extra class or two to catch up from.  Teachers are very much aware of these events and plan accordingly; but it is important to be aware as a parent. While students are away on school trips, the remaining students are expected to attend classes and teachers will continue with their courses.  In most cases, the class may slow down, but new material is still covered. Each student missing should be aware that they will have individual work they must complete on their own; missing a class for a good cause does not mean they are exempt from learning a concept!  As a parent, if you can help reinforce that your son or daughter take on the responsibility of getting their missed work completed, that would be very helpful.

One more thing to mention is that parents of students in grade 10 will receive a survey from Alberta Learning very soon.  This is the only survey I will ask you to complete on behalf of DHS as we do get the results summarized and returned to us in May.  Although we see many parents around the school for such things as band concerts and band society, athletics, school council, grade 9 camp and orientation, awards night, grad meetings, school council, etc., this is a formal opportunity to offer your perspective of DHS. Last year we only had 9 parents complete the survey; I would really appreciate if we could get a better representation this year!


Garth Dagg